Meeting new people

When you are new in town, and that’s what I still consider myself regarding London, one of the first things you want to do is to get to know some people you can maybe later call friends. Thanks to technology it is now easier than ever. I can’t count all the apps and websites that offer help with networking. The one I use is MeetUp. You can browse through thousands of groups and choose a ‘meetup’ according to your interests, your location, and your schedule. The one problem that I’m constantly struggling with here is to actually show up. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by all the things you want to do, all the places you want to go. At first, I clicked ‘Attend’ to at least 4 meetings in a week only to later discover that there was no way I could make it to all of them. So, with a guilty conscience, I quit Meetup for a good couple of month to avoid further failures.

It changed yesterday when I got my anxious and introvert butt out of the house and joined a photography centered meetup. Don’t worry I dragged my friend along, so I didn’t change my mind last minute.

I had a great time. I couldn’t fully participate in all the technical and professional talks about gear and light and composition, but I talked with people about travels, got some tips from a model about how to work during a photoshoot, and caught up a little about how to properly use my camera.

Nearly everyone brought their cameras and it was fascinating to listen and observe how each of them was different from the rest and how each of them was suited to its owner’s needs. Since there were plenty of cameras laying a few photos were inevitable. My friend has got to be our model and the centerpiece of the photographs. Here is my favourite one (taken by me, yay!). 


My editing skills are non-existent, so the photo is raw, but I am learning, so just wait!

If you have any tips as to how I could improve, let me know! And do try MeetUp if you ever feel like meeting new people.

Take care,


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