A day off

Every once in a while you need to take a true day off. With no guilt of procrastination, no to-do list, and no worries!

The weather has blessed us with a sunny and hot day. I looked at my Must See list in the morning and decided to take a trip to the Design Museum and finally have a proper tea.

The collection in the Design Museum turned out to be quite small, however, I was pleasantly surprised by it. Mostly because my mind got stuck on a thought that it will all be about fashion, but it is something entirely different! The exhibition lets you take a look at the plans and history of designing road signs, the London Underground system, electronics and some interior designs.

An opportunity for a nice picture occurred, so here I am trying to become an exhibit.

design museum copy2

After the museum came time for tea. We found a splendid little place Candella Tea Room with freshly baked scones and marvelous tea (Lavender Earl Grey is to die for). First time in my life I put milk in my tea and, honestly, I can’t complain.


Look at this gorgeous teaware!


The day got so hot that the only thing left to do was to get to Hyde Park and cool down by the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. I absolutely adore this place. It is always full of laughter and play. During hot days it can be a bit of a challenge to find a spot to sit down on the edge of the fountain, but you can always just walk around. Oh, the blissful cold, cold water!

hyde park

London, how great you are!


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