Confidence or trust?

Confidence. A word with as many meaning as there are people.


Is it confidence what I’m doing right now?                   Pouring my thoughts here.

Or is it trust that I’ll be ok?                                               Not giving it all.


Here I am taking all the bits I can gather and I make this website public.

Another step to the unknown. Another step out of the comfort zone.

Countless daydreams and sleepless night led to this moment. It still feels unreal. It still causes questions, doubts, shivers. It is as it should be. A process, an experience.

I have enough trust right now to keep going. To face my fears and get them out of my way. It’s a fight where the words are swords, arrows, and shields. It’s a garden where the words are roses, wind, and sun.

Let’s go.

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