Just being silly

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with my best friend and I told her some silly story about another friend of mine. The story itself wasn’t that hilarious but she started to laugh anyway. Let me tell you: laughter is very, very contagious. I started laughing as well and, like a snowball effect, we laughed until it was hard to catch a breath, our cheeks hurt and our abs got a proper workout.

I love moments like this when you experience pure joy. Just being in the moment, having that rush through your head, and being free from all worry.

When was the last time you laughed till your stomach hurt?


Emotions are always tricky to write about, to define or to communicate. Joy or happiness is no exception. People tend to hide their feelings. Why the good ones as well though? Is it because they don’t want to show off or feel slightly guilty about the good things that happened to them and not to someone else? Of course, when sharing anything with anyone you need to be aware of the circumstances. If your friend just lost a job it might not be the greatest idea to talk about your recent raise. Choosing your audience is a key factor.

I am not discovering the moon here telling you that sharing joy multiplies it. If you won a (BJJ!) competition or finally booked the vacation you have always dreamt about, share your joy, spread it. Your friends or family are an obvious choice as they will be happy for you, be happy with you.


Another obstacle on the way to live a more joyful life is the fact that our minds tend to put more weight on the bad things that happen to us. Don’t ask me why. I have no clue.

Controlling your own mind takes time and practice. Sometimes, when I’m feeling down for whatever reason, I try to think about at least three good things that happened to me that day. Oh boy, it does not come easy. At the beginning of this exercise, I always feel like I’m cheating myself. The issues that made me feel bad won’t just go away if I don’t think about them. However, if something has been bothering me for a long time, taking a break from thinking about it can be salvation. By making a tiny gratitude list, accompanied by some good music, I get a different perspective on the matter. Shadows that lay upon my mind are a bit brighter and anxiety doesn’t feel as cold.

Your problems will catch up with you sooner or later, and new ones are certainly on their way. Let yourself enjoy the moments without them or at least try to take a break. Be silly, be joyful. Jump, sing, laugh and dance.



What brings you joy? Share it! In the comments below, obviously, as I’m dying of curiosity!



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