Welcome to the Cube

High ceiling. White walls. Dark floors. Empty spaces.

You enter the cube and you feel small. Yet, you feel at home. The White Cube gallery is open to all.

Grab the guide at the reception desk and wander around.


You are now in the Memory Palace. History and identity flow from room to room, from piece to piece, from person to person. Memory is what shapes and creates us. It is individual and it is collective.

Here, memory is caught. In a painting, sculpture, photograph. Artists give you their memories so that you can unlock yours. They give you their ideas and feelings. They create for you. It is intuitive. It is emotional. What you get is mostly up to you.


Modern art is not something you can learn or fully understand. There is no common pattern our brains can identify. Each piece is individual. Each work unique. Modern art is equality. You don’t have to look a certain way, paint a certain way, think a certain way. Any object can become a piece of art if you only give it the power, the thought, the idea.


Sometimes I wonder if I get modern art the way I should. On the other hand, there is no ‘should’ here. It is what it is. It is a part of the artist but it is also a part of me. I wish I knew exactly what to think and feel with each of the artworks. However, I know, I trust, and I believe that I have this knowledge within me. I just haven’t reached it yet. It will come, this understanding. Tomorrow, next year, or in the end. It always finds its way, as everything in life.


What are your feelings about modern art? Which gallery should I visit next? Let me know below!

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