Open The Doors

I first drowned in music when I was fifteen. It was summer, I was at a camp at my uncle’s stable. I joined others in the TV room and someone dug out the movie about The Doors by Oliver Stone.* I sat hypnotized for more than two hours, pulled into a different reality. Never before has music and the ideas behind it affected me like this. It reached into my mind and soul so deeply that I felt it in my whole body.

Since then Jim Morrison became the dark angel that led me through the various storms, rages, and dreams of my teenage years. Sometimes making them worse, sometimes making them divine. Providing a much-needed lifeline.


I first fell in love with Jim’s voice. Its depth, vibration, seduction, and mystery. It made me want to understand him. It made me want to learn English. Most of the evenings of my high school years I spent bent over their lyrics and a dictionary (both online and traditional).

The Doors music takes you through labyrinths of mystic lands, through chaos and calm, through madness and lust, through love and hurt. It makes the mind so vibrant and alive that the body feels uncomfortable to be in. And that’s even without any drugs. Which they took plenty of.

Thanks to the mystic aura surrounding their already hypnotic music it’s easy to fall into a hole of over-interpretation. But that’s just an added value to your imagination. Leave your comfort zone and let them guide you. Like shamans on a desert that Morrison wanted to be. Traveling through ancient times and feasts. Through strange days and endless nights.


*Fifteen-year-old me was fascinated and impressed. I made the mistake of watching the film again recently and some of the magic disappeared. If you’re looking for a movie about the band, check out When You’re Strange.

**I know it’s been a month (!) since I last posted, but life got in the way and there was nothing I could do about it. I will try to keep a regular schedule, pinky promise 😉

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