Where did we begin? Where will we end?

Where do we come from?
Where are we going?

These two questions navigate the plot of the latest book by Dan Brown, “Origin”.

OriginBy Dan Brown
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This time the author takes us on a trip through the never-ending discussion between religion and science about the origins of the universe and humankind.

A billionaire futurist, Edmond Kirsch, claims to not only discover an undeniable proof of evolution but also predict our destiny. His revelation, however, is threatened to be lost forever unless our beloved Robert Langdon solves ground-breaking mysteries of our history. Following clues left by Kirsch all over Spain, he uncovers hidden symbols in the works of Antoni Gaudi, William Blake, and others. Helping him is Kirsch’s assistant, a powerful A.I. creation, Winston. However, not everyone wants Kirsch’s discovery to be brought to daylight, therefore Langdon is constantly in danger, being chased by Spanish national police and a private assassin.



I like Dan Brown’s books because in an entertaining way they make you question the world’s order as it is. He shows us a darker side of things we take as a given. He is especially vicious with the Catholic Church, which, let’s be honest, has a bit on its conscience. However, the questions I was left behind with after reading this book were not about the Church.

A.I. is the focus of my concern. It is already in our lives. We live connected to our phones, laptops, the Internet. Technology knows so much about us. Our data, preferences, habits. It all gets noted, stored somewhere, waiting to be used.

How far will people and technology intertwine? How much more dependent on technology will we become? How many new possibilities are waiting for us? How many dangers?

You don’t need to read this book to ask yourself those questions. However, it seems like a good starting point for a further discussion. All thoughts, comments, insights, and prophecies are, as always, welcome in the comment section.

We should all be Feminists

All praise to Chimamanda, for she speaks for us. In simple words and simple stories about complex matters of our society.

We should all be Feminists is an essay everyone should read. It takes half an hour to do it, so the effort and time sacrifice here are not something you can’t handle.

As the title suggests the issue discussed is feminism. What does it mean to be a feminist today? Where can we apply feminism? Why is feminism needed? Those are just a few questions this short book answers.

If you’re a woman, it is a must-read. If you’re a man, it is a must-read. This book is a step to understand each other. It is a step towards change.

Every aspect of our lives is questioned. Ms. Adichie talks about marriage, sexuality, household, fashion, work. She addresses physical differences between men and women, and social norms for them. Feminism and masculinity go hand in hand here.

From this manifesto, social science debate, gender study, one thing should stick with you forever:

You deserve respect for who you are

Gender is not an easy conversation. Changing the status quo never is. If you read this book you are the start the world needs.

For those who prefer spoken word, here is her Ted Talk based on which the book was written. You have half an hour. Be a part of the debate, be a part of change.

Check out her website for more: https://www.chimamanda.com/

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